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June 07, 2005

Just the latest corporate malfeasance

From GMSV:

In its literature, Citigroup describes identity theft as one of the fastest-growing crimes, but assures potential customers that its dedicated specialists can help victims get their lives back "quickly and painlessly." Well, those specialists are no doubt working overtime today, advising the nearly 4 million Citigroup customers whose personal data the company lost in May. On Monday, Citi, which ironically bills itself as a leader in data security, said that a box of computer tapes containing the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, account numbers, payment histories and small-loan details of 3.9 million customers were lost last month while in transit with UPS. The shipping company says there's no evidence the tapes were stolen, but then it hasn't been able to find them either. Said Norman Black, a UPS spokesman: "We're very proud of our record of reliability, but in this case we've had to tell Citigroup we have not been able to find this one package." The incident is the latest in a string of data losses or breaches that have forced financial institutions and other data collectors to warn millions of customers their personal information might be at risk.

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