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June 09, 2005

Dean Keeps His Word

The Hill notes:

....Democratic fundraisers say that there is growing concern over what they call [Howard] Dean’s lack of attention to major donors and that donors are much less likely to give money if they don’t have sufficient opportunity to meet with the party’s leadership.

“When you don’t have the chairman to fundraise with, or any principals of the leadership, you can’t get major donors to help you,” a veteran Democratic fundraiser said. “You want the leaders of the party to sit down with them so they can discuss their plan.”

“It’s frustrating to be the staff person in charge of that group,” the fundraiser said. “No one wants to stay in a job in which they’re not successful.” The fundraiser added that New York is a competitive place to raise money and that donors often demand detailed explanations of how the money will be spent....

Well, duh! Dean promised, if he assumed leadership of the Democratic National Committee, to change the focus of fundraising from major corporate donors to the grassroots. Now that he's doing it, people are surprised?

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