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May 24, 2005

Nuclear Option Morphs Into Yet Another Swift Kick Of The Democrats

American Progress Action Fund summarizes the diffusion of the Nuclear Option:

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and right-wing conservatives suffered a major defeat last night when a bipartisan group of 14 senators struck a deal to defuse the nuclear option. In reaching this deal, these senators rejected Frist’s core argument that the judicial filibuster is unconstitutional. The compromise recognizes the right of senators to filibuster judicial nominees in extraordinary circumstances and two Bush nominees – William G. Myers III of Idaho and Henry Saad of Michigan – will probably be withdrawn or subject to filibuster. Conservatives declared this compromise a defeat, and while this agreement has its downsides – the probable confirmations of Judges Pryor, Owens and Rogers Brown – it is a victory for those who want to preserve the filibuster and traditions of the Senate.

Democrats everywhere are "rejoicing" at the apparent defeat of the Neocon steamroller in this one issue.

Let's put things into perspective. The Neocons have rolled effortlessly over Congress since 9/11. They have successfully obtained legislation and funding for practically everything they've wanted, which is unprecedented in American political history. Why? Only ONE REASON: the failure of the Democrats to mount any substantial resistance. Enough Democrats in Congress have voted with the Republicans to allow the Neocons to roll us back into the dark ages of corruption in and total corporate control of government.

This latest "compromise" of the filibuster is just that. This unique method of giving minority parties some control of legislation has been weakened because the Democrats were too fucking cowardly to stand up to the obviously fractured GOP. They had a chance to finally start turning the tide of total GOP control and they blew it. Now several right-wing extremists are going to get important court appointments that will forever alter the citizens' rights and further empower corporate control of our nation. Democrats everywhere should be ashamed of their senators and realize that, once again, things are now worse today than they were yesterday, compromise or not.

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