"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 11, 2005

PDA Needs Our Help

An important call to action:

One of the most important weeks in the recent history of the progressive movement is looming over the horizon. Next week, the U.S. Senate and House will consider three issues that directly affect, not only every person in this country, but our global community as well.

The Senate will debate the nomination of John Bolton to the position of UN Ambassador. Bolton's attack-dog concept of diplomacy, combined with his blatant disdain for the international community, makes him a catastrophic, yet sadly typical choice for this post.

Also next week, the Senate will begin the discussion over whether to authorize $83 billion more of your taxpayer dollars to fund the continued occupation of Iraq. Recently, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets in a massive protest demanding the end to the US occupation. It is time to heed their demands, leave their country, and halt this catastrophe without granting more money to the war profiteers.

The House will also be considering the disturbing Bankruptcy Bill next week. For millions of Americans, this bill is a carved-in-stone guarantee that their debts will become larger, deeper, and virtually impossible to escape. This bill was written by credit card corporations, which are blinded by greed, and must be derailed before it becomes yet another catastrophic law.

Beginning Monday, April 11, thousands of PDA supporters and allies will join a coalition of pro-United Nations, pro-consumer protection, and peace activists for a National Call-In to voice our opposition to these disastrous, reactionary proposals and to demand the immediate withdrawal of our troops.

Please contact the Senate and House and tell them to VOTE NO on the Supplemental Appropriations Bill for Iraq, NO on Bolton for UN Ambassador, and NO on the Bankruptcy Bill. Speak out FOR peace, hope and justice! Please take action now!

Take Action Here:

1) No on Bolton

2) No Blank Check for Iraq

3) No on Debt Slavery

It is absolutely vital that you take action on these three issues today. Do not hesitate, and never forget whom we are dealing with.

Saturday's Washington Post carried a story by Dana Milbank describing the incendiary and dangerously violent rhetoric being used by the right-wing in pursuit of their nefarious goals. One, Edwin Viera, quoted Stalin in reference to his disdain for Reagan-appointed Justice Anthony Kennedy, stating, "No man, no problem." He repeated the line several times. The full Stalin quote reads, "Death solves all problems: No man, no problem."

These people are serious, and the only way to stop them is for all of us to stand up and do our critical part. All of us have a stake in this, and next week will determine to a large extent whether millions of people, in this country and all over the world, will be further battered down into hopelessness and despair.

Get to work, and thank you from all of us at PDA.

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