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April 05, 2005

Jim Caviezel Christ

So, just how fucked up is our judeo-christian culture? Here's a snippet from The Larry King Show of April 3, 2005 (emphasis added):

KING: We're back. Father John Morris, I know you helped work on the film, right, "The Passion of the Christ"?

MORRIS: That's right. It was a real blessing to be able to work with Jim [Caviezel]. And as you mentioned when you were asking him earlier, he certainly got to live what it was like to be like Christ there in times of difficulty, even physical difficulty. I remember one time in a special way when Jim came down, walked off the set, and he was saying to me, "What would Christ be thinking right now?" It was actually in the scene of Barabas. Remember the scene of what an ugly figure of Barabas was. And Jim was coming down. And Mel [Gibson] was there talking. And we were thinking, well, what would Jesus have been thinking at that moment. We were discussing, certainly, he would have been thinking about Barabas. And so at that moment, Jim said, "All right. Let's go back. We're going to do another cut." And we got that incredible scene in which he's looking and he's walking down the steps. Barabas is walking down the steps. And all of a sudden, there's that encounter of the eyes of Jim Caviezel, with Christ, with Barabas. And in fact, that actor has said that that look of Jim Caviezel, or Christ, whatever, was an encounter that changed his life. So it was a real blessing to be there, as well.

KING: And the Pope did love that movie, right?

MORRIS: It seems like it. He said -- what was reported was that, "It is as it was," and was kind of the final words of the Pope, from what we understood through the media. And basically, I think it goes back to the fact that the Pope was a man who had courage. And he was able to say things as they were. It doesn't mean that he was saying -- making any sort of political statement about it. He was just saying, the fact is, when you look at the truth...

KING: It is as it was, yes.

MORRIS: ... it is as it was.

KING: Well stated....

My oh my oh my. This would be quite hilarious if there weren't so many people who took this so seriously.

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