"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine." - - - William Blum

April 27, 2005

Excuse Me

From NDOL:

More than 100 days into this congressional session, and into George W. Bush's second term, a federal government controlled entirely by Republicans is wandering off into a wilderness of political extremism and policy negligence that's becoming alarming to anyone worried about the future of the country.

The House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans as though it were a private country club, is focused on ramming through interest-group favored legislation remote from the real challenges facing America. House GOPers are openly bickering over strategy and tactics with their Senate colleagues and with the White House. Meanwhile, the Senate is on the brink of a nasty and pointless fight over the alleged "right" of the president to get every federal judge he wants, which is likely to paralyze Senate action on its real business for much of the session. And the president himself remains obsessed with barnstorming around the country to promote an ill-defined but fundamentally irresponsible Social Security privatization scheme that is steadily losing support every day he talks about it.

With all due respect to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, House Republicans are now publicly identified to an irreversible degree with the man who has actually led them from the day Newt Gingrich stepped down, Tom DeLay of Texas. DeLay's ethics recidivism and blunt advocacy of the crudest sort of alliances between legislators and lobbyists is bad enough. But his chronic habit of treating any and all criticism as just another front in an apocalyptic partisan, ideological, cultural, and religious war is damaging to our entire political system....

Well, Excuse Me, my right-leaning Democratic Party "leaders", but what's the news here? The Republicans are doing exactly everything they need in order to paralyze the Federal Government as much as possible, by slowing down legislation and confirmations with ridiculous bills and appointments. They've got the Democrats so wound up and scattered trying to respond to all the right-wing malfeasance, nothing is getting done. Which is exactly what the Repubs really want.

In the meantime the Iraq occupation (with it's siphoning of U.S. Treasury $ meant for rebuilding our schools, improving health care, feeding the homeless, rebuilding our deteriorating highways, protecting our shores, helping the homeless, improving the..... well, you get the picture) continues. The slaughter of our youth, indoctrinated into Bush's personal war, continues. The stealing of US taxpayers' $ by the contractors in Iraq continues. The unholy, gluttonous profits getting raked in by petroleum conglomerates at the expense of Americans' falling income continues. And the billion$ if not trillion$ the Department of Defense is handing out to weapons manufacturers for guns, bullets, bombs, tanks, planes etc., continues. Why would anyone who is profiteering from any of this want anything to change?

It's time to stop expending all our energy trying to put out the fires and instead refocus our progressive energies the way everyone else in the world does: Get out into the streets and protest. It worked in the Ukraine, Venezuela, Chile, various African nations, probably will in Mexico... We can no longer afford to keep sitting on our ever-expanding asses, typing into our cloned-like blogs. We need to organize and get out of our houses and start real protesting. NOTHING ELSE WILL STOP THE NEOCON STEAMROLLER.

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