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March 25, 2005

Leeching off the brain-dead

Terrisfight.org is the "official" website for supporting the fight to "save" brain-dead Terri Schiavo. As you'd expect, numerous right-wing christian fundamentalist activists have taken advantage of this whole debacle and set up "donation" sites in the name of saving Mrs. Schiavo's body. Some of these despicable sites include Voice for Terri, RightMarch and ACLJ.

The ethics-and-morals-starved leaders of the Christian Right should be ashamed for stealing money from people who think they're contributing to a good cause just because they are "saving" something, in this case a human who lost consciousness 15 years ago as a result of cardiac complications stemming from (what I understand was) an eating disorder. It is truly sad to see poor and old and naive people being duped by souless right-wing extremists.

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