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February 25, 2005

2004 Koufax Award Winners

The Koufax Awards recognizes the best blogs (okay, the best Liberal blogs, but that's kinda redundant). Here are the winners:
Best Blog – Non-Sponsored Division - Daily Kos
Best Blog – Pro Division - Talking Points Memo
Best Writing - Hullabaloo
Best Post - If American Were Iraq, What Would it be Like
Best Series - The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism and Cheers and Jeers
Best Group Blog - MyDD
Most Humorous Blog - Jesus’ General
Most Humorous Post - Poker with Dick Cheney
Best Expert Blog - Informed Comment
Best Single Issue Blog - Talk Left and Grits for Breakfast
Best New Blog - Mouse Words
Most Deserving of Wider Recongition - Suburban Guerrilla
Best Commenter - Meteor Blades

If you are new to the liberal blogosphere, check these out and see what you've been missing. Once you realize that there is a wealth of real news and opinion out there, you'll find yourself skipping the faux news on TV... and becoming a much better informed person... and it's probably better for your sex life, too.

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